CBSE asks schools to accept Digital payments

At a time when whole nation has been struggling to cope with their daily routines with cash crunch, there isn’t anything more adding to woes of people that nearly all the emergency and general utility services require payments in cash. Although many colleges and most of the fees of universities are paid via banking channels through DDs, it still require students to stand in que at banks at a time when standing at bank que is no longer an ordinary task. But more desperete are the parents of students whose kids study in schools that neither accept cheques nor are capable of accepting digital payment.

It is not an unknown issue to education ministry that why schools don’t accept digital payments. Considering the challenges that parents of millions of students are facing in paying fees of their kids, CBSE has asked CBSE Schools get digitised and start accepting payments via online mediums. This may not bring immediate relief as most of these schools won’t be able to accept payments of fees via online mode till next financial year, this step from CBSE Board will bring transparency and will be of much assistance to parents in future years.

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