Terms & Conditions (As updated on 11th Nov, 2016)

Below are the terms and conditions of the usage of this site and continual of users means they have read it and adhere to it.

Terms of Usage:

  • All the contents of the site are free to use for personal use only. However, same can be shared on social sites and other sites but cannot be reproduced on any other sites for commercial purpose unless due credit has been given for the source of the contents.
  • While we do cross check to verify the accuracy of the content published on the site, we cannot be held liable for any information published on this site and any damages incurred to users on relying on such information in/for whatever manner so concerned. So users are requested to use their own conscience to check the accuracy of all such information.
  • All the articles published on the site are the respective contents of their authors and for any view expressed therein solely they are responsible for what is expressed therein. We do not endorse such view and this site just act as a medium of free flow of information via articles, images & videos.
  • We reserve the right to alter, withdraw or bring new clauses to these terms and conditions of usage of this site with/without any prior notification to users. However, all such changes will be made available here on this page from the date they are to be applied or as such provided in the clauses itself.

Privacy Policy:

This part deals with the data collection policy of the site and its usage to be made. All such policy can be changed/updated without any prior notifications to users. However, all such changes will be made available for users to read here on this segment of this page.

  • No personal information is stored on this site, except for the Contact details provided by the users for delivering newsletters and other services. All such details are strictly guarded and not shared with any third party. However, certain details as E-mail addresses are shared with third parties to deliver the Mails and as such functions with assurance of maintaining privacy from same.
  • Statistical data are collected for the purpose of analyzing the site usage which are non personal in nature.
  • Beside this site, advertisers can collect data which are governed by their respective privacy policy documents. Usually, they are placed by advertisers on the advertisement as a link to read such documents. Any data collected by such advertisers are governed by the privacy policy documents of such respective advertisers only.

DMCA Notices:

We do not endorse infringement of copyright laws. While we do take care that copyrights of none are violated, due to the limitations caused by publishing information as shared by the users, sometimes certain contents may appear on this site. We request users & owners of such copyrights to report to us so that it can be removed.

  • Send an email to with subject line – “DMCA Notice” to report any such violations.
  • Include the address of the page on which such contents is displayed. In case such contents are placed in dynamic links and you are unable to list out the address of such contents, create snapshots of the page and send the same to us.
  • Also include the link to original contents/owners regarding which the copyright violations is claimed. It is necessary to verify that there is such violations before removal of such contents.
  • Once, the email is received, you may/may not receive acknowledgement of the same. However, each such mails received with above mentioned subject line are processed reasonably unless there is any technical glitches. While we do not guarantee any fixed time line, we do assure to remove such contents if in violations, within short time frame possible i.e. we get your mail, check its authenticity and then remove it if in violations.

Thank you for reading this page. Hope you enjoy visiting this site.